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I’m at the Apple Store,
where is the app room?

Fraxiom (2020)

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Manifesto ︎︎︎

Last Updated Oct. 15 2021

dear will,

dig deep ︎

p h o t o s y n t h e s i z e ︎

avoid things that bring you down,
drive for the sake of driving,
find someone[s] to enjoy the ride.

rest, consume, hydrate well,
but 𝕟єⓋ𝓔𝐫 ħ𝔦𝐛𝔼𝔯𝐍ค𝓽𝐞.

listen to music as it was meant to be.

share your struggles,
lend a helping hand,
don’t take yourself too seriously!

*once fulfilled, make freely*


engage challenge at their roots,
improve with each nu work,
hold ░N░O░ idols too closely.

failure teaches,
collaboration inspires,
timelessness is overrated.

oh & ♥making satisfies♥


brilliant ideas
with meh execution 
can sometimes be more valuable
than meh ideas 
with brilliant execution.

with love,