Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Visual Communication Designer ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Sketchbook Hoarder ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Note Taker ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Pixel Pusher ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Zealous Maker ︎︎︎ 

Latest Work:

Stamps Brochure

Publication | 2022

In late 2021, I worked with Detroit based design practice You VS Jesus to create a folding document that functions as both a brochure and poster to promote the University of Michigan Stamps Gallery’s upcoming exhibitions and public programs.

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Previous Work:

2019 ⁠— Present
Neighbor to Neighbor
Brand Identity, Motion | 2020

Thoughts for a Rainy Day
Publication | 2021
Life Remodeled
Brand Identity | 2020

Experiments in Type
Type Design | 2022

100 gecs - “money machine”
Motion Graphics | 2020

Behind Glass
Brand Identity, Motion | 2020

“Fake” “News”
Publication | 2020

Detroit Healthcare System
Publication | 2021

Will Callis is always at his desk, using design systems to make things like websites, brand identities, and publications. He thinks making pixels move around is pretty fun too.

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