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TEKOE is a conceptual esports organization that value technique over everything.

The Challenge

TEKOE is a new esports team that needs to stand out from the crowd in order to make an impact on the scene. The organization values technique, mastery, and precision over everything, so the brand identity system had to reflect that.

My Solution

TEKOE’s brand identity implements precise lines and shapes to show action, technique, and movement while also creating textures. The brand’s colors fit within gaming culture, and bold gradients allow graphics to intruige and excite the audience. Crisp typography enhances these moods and messages.

Web Design

The website is how fans will most often interact with the organization. Because TEKOE is new to the game, a heavy emphasis is placed on explaining the organization. Dynamic hover effects and background graphics drive home the visual language.

Instagram Posts

These posts are designed to keep fans up to date on matches and tournaments, providing detailed statistics and quotes from TEKOE’s games.

Print Materials

Posters use the angular shapes found in the logo in increasingly abstract ways, while billboards and tickets help fans find their seats at the next big event.


TEKOE’s apparel breaks the mold by combining the brand’s precise geometry with elements of streetwear visual language. These designs help TEKOE appeal to more than just gamers, and focus on attracting a young demographic.

Featured Project

TEKOE Esports

A precise brand identity for an organization that values technique over everything.

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