Neighbor to Neighbor

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics | 2020

Neighbor to Neighbor is a project about people—friends, family, strangers, partners, children, elders, neighbors—Detroiters. It is a collaboration between eight College for Creative Studies Communication Design students and Quicken Loans Community Fund’s Neighbor to Neighbor program.

My contribution throughout the process included research, presentation design and delivery, identity and wordmark design, motion graphics, and printed deliverables. All team members gave and implemented feedback during our process.

The Challenge
Foreclosure is a historical and abundant problem in Detroit, but Detroit’s Property Tax Exemption (PTE) program can help residents avoid foreclosure and keep them in their homes.

Although 30,000 residents are eligible for PTE, only 6,000 currently take advantage of it.

Our goal became empowering residents to apply for PTE through bold conversations that reach the homeowner, the neighborhood, and the city of Detroit.

Throughout the process, our team collaborated on a variety of research methods. We completed case studies, a brand audit, and historical analyses. We sought to understand the problem by interviewing community members, engaging with Neighbor to Neighbor’s existing outreach methods, and developing user journeys.

When we began the design phase, our research was the foundation of our work.

Identity System

After feedback from the client, we focused in on a modular, scalable system that reflects the infrastructure of Detroit’s nieghborhoods.

Motion Graphics
Designed for social media awareness campaigns, our motion design solutions are clear and concise. All animations were rendered at 15fps to reflect the modular, blocky style used throughout our solution.

Posters & Flyers
Printed material not only uses bright color to demand attention, but employs bold typography to empower our neighbors to take action.

Canvasser Tools
During our research, we learned that many residents may not trust door to door canvassers. To solve this problem, we designed a set of canvasser tools that are friendly and easily identifiable.

Brochures & Documents
Another challenge we discovered was that residents may not understand the PTE application. Like most bureaucratic documents, it’s overly complex. We solved this problem by creating multiple printed solutions that make the application more accessible.

In order to further improve access to critical information, we designed a website that leads residents to the application and workshops near their homes.


Will Callis is always at his desk, using design systems to make things like websites, brand identities, and publications. He thinks making pixels move around is pretty fun too.

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