Life Remodeled

Brand Identity Design


Life Remodeled is a Detroit Non-Profit Organization that removes blight, repairs homes, opens discussions on race, and operates the Durfee Innovation Society.

The Challenge

In need of a new brand identity, myself and three classmates collaborated to develop a system that could reach all of the people that Life Remodeled serves.

Our Research

After studying Detroit’s past and present, we found four key pillars that were crucial to Life Remodeled: community development, employment, education, and health and wellness.

Our Approach

Before we made anything visual, we developed a language system. When reflecting on what beliefs and ideals would be essential to the communities we work with, we came up with five promises:   

︎︎︎ We are community-driven
︎︎︎ We are action takers
︎︎︎ We are life-long learners
︎︎︎ We are historically conscious
︎︎︎ We are practicing anti-racism

Most importantly, we landed on one key phrase: Radical Hope, Sustainable Change.

Visually, we built our system around shapes from the architecture of historic Detroit buildings, like the one that is now Durfee Innovation Society. Eventually, this was simplified into an icon representing an individual or a home, and another representing the community.

Identity System

Brand Assets

Awareness Campaign


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