Experiments In Type

Type Design


Ever since my first typography class, I have been infatuated by the forms of letters. During my studies, I realized each letter in every typeface is unique, displaying their own combination of geometry, functionality, and flair. After coming to appreciate the craft, I have always wanted to design a beautiful typeface of my own - but have never been able to design a solution I adore.

That problem led me to this exercise: designing a unique letter each day for 26 days. With a prompt as open ended as this I was free to explore the craft however I wanted.

I experimented with everything I wanted to:

+ serifs
+ counters
+ contrast
+ form
+ sharpness
+ softness
+ symmetry
+ proportions

Along the way I learned how to sketch typographic forms, what sorts of styles I enjoy creating, and how to give a letter personality In the future, I’m looking forward to applying some of the lessons I’ve learned here to create a typeface that I’m proud to share and use in my other work.