Detroit Healthcare System



The current state of Detroit’s healthcare system is complicated. While there are large medical facilities and clinics, there is a disparity between who and how Detroit’s population accesses the healthcare system. For the population without insurance or any funds, there are some legislative efforts and community clinics but the gap is not addressed in how areas of Detroit are treated and the consequences of lacking care. Aside from the system, the overall health of Detroit is struggling. Ranked 82 of 83 Michigan counties in terms of health outcome, Detroit’s population is unhealthy and there is not enough being done about it.

In a time where Healthcare is on everyone’s mind, due to global pandemics and national politics, evaluating this system seems more important than ever. People slip through the cracks of the system as a whole, but specifically in Detroit.

The following research is compiled to evaluate the current state and speculate how healthcare might be better addressed.

In addition to this research book, we have paired a set of cards that provides a more pointed, editorial view of this same problem. Navigate this book with both in mind.

The content ahead is collected to show the problems we identified in research and the cards are a distilled version of some of the worst barriers in healthcare.

This project was designed in collaboration with Erica Heathcote.