Behind Glass

Brand Identity Design


Hyperpop - the greatest thing to happen to music since the beginning of music itself. What if there was an event to celebrate it?

The Challenge

Behind Glass is the loudest event on the internet. My aim with this project was to create an event for fans of distorted bass, squeaky autotune vocals, bubbly melodies, and everything else that hyperpop has to offer.


While digging deeper into the “microgenre”, I made a few key discoveries.

︎︎︎ First of all, I tried to define the genre (as much as anyone really can). I found that the lyrics typically include thoughts about anxiety, love, and consumerism - all with a sarcastic twist.

︎︎︎ Secondly, I discovered that many of the artists are LGBTQ, and because they often sign about their experiences in that regards, they attract a lot of young, LGBTQ fans as well.

︎︎︎ Finally, I came to the conclusion that hyperpop is based in experimentation, maximalism, silliness, and earnestness.


As a fan of the genre myself, I had no issues embracing the over-the-top maximalism the genre presents listeners with. Taking inspiration from album covers, I made a wordmark and typographic system that embraced the genre’s values. Then I destroyed them. 

Brand Identity

Motion Graphics

Twitch Graphics