Album Covers were my introduction to the world of freelance design. 

Album Covers

2014 — Present

Much like the introduction to a good book, the album cover is to music what the title sequence is to film: a tool to transition the audience from one state of mind to another. They provide a chance to capture an emotion, represent a sound, and make a meaningful first impression.
Return to Andromeda
The Roze Garden | 2021


Time Will Tell

Autopilot II
Erik Boci | 2019

Dead Romance
Erik Boci | 2019

Walk It Off

Roiyal | 2018

2 Different Leagues

Young Turk | 2018

Always Done Me
Deadstars | 2018

Will Callis is always at his desk, using design systems to make things like websites, brand identities, and publications. He thinks making pixels move around is pretty fun too.

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