Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Visual Communication Designer ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Sketchbook Hoarder ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Note Taker ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Pixel Pusher ︎︎︎ Will Callis is a ︎︎︎ Zealous Maker ︎︎︎ 

Latest Work
Experiments in Type

Type Design | 2022

This exercise: designing a unique letter each day for 26 days. With a prompt as open ended as this I was free to explore the craft, learn new methods, and discover my own taste.

More Projects

2019 ︎︎︎ Present

Brand Identity

Behind Glass - Brand Identity / Motion GraphicsNeighbor to Neighbor - Brand IdentityLife Remodeled - Brand Identity

Web Design

Pokè-TDX - Web DesignTom of Finland Foundation - Web DesignACID COVID - Web Design / Sound Design


"Untitled" - Thesis

Publication Design

Detroit Healthcare System - PublicationThoughts for a Rainy Day - Publication"Fake" "News" - PublicationImposter Syndrome - Publication

Motion Graphics

Zaire at the 1974 World Cup - Motion Graphics"money machine" - Motion Graphics